Haye to punish Chisora

Haye David Haye has claimed he will give Derek Chisora (3/1 To Beat Haye) the punishment that the British justice system failed to deliver, ahead of the pair’s bout on Saturday evening at Upton Park in London.

Chisora (6/1 To Knock Out Haye) was found guilty of assaulting his girlfriend two years ago, but was spared jail, and Haye believes his opponent has been given an easy time by the British courts, something he will be hoping to put right when they meet at the home of West Ham United.

“Chisora’s not a nice man, not a nice human being,” said Haye (10/11 To Knock Out Chisora). “I don’t like anything he represents – the fact he’s been convicted of beating up his ex-girlfriend, the fact he feels the need to carry around an offensive weapon – he’s been convicted of that as well. He’s been convicted of attacking police officers and has got a real long criminal record.”

“From the stuff I’ve seen him doing personally and from what I’ve heard from people who know him, he’s a horrible, spiteful man, and a bully. He needs to be punished because the law hasn’t punished him. He’s never done any hard time. The British Boxing Board of Control haven’t really punished him, he’s still here, so it’s left to me to punish this guy and I’ll do that on Saturday night”

Haye (7/4 To Win On Points) went on to mock Chisora’s pre-fight talk as well as his record, adding: “The only thing on my mind is getting into that ring and destroying a boxing myth, someone who has reached a level of infamy through doing a number of stupid things. What Dereck doesn’t realise is that the more he talks, the more determined I become to end this fight quickly. Dereck is a perennial loser, both inside and outside the ring, whereas I have proven myself at a world-class level and have titles as evidence.”

Chisora (13/2 To Win On Points) however dismissed Hay as “all hype,” accusing him of being a drama keen and not being a proper boxer: “Is he a real proper boxer who gets in the ring like a true champion like he says he’s the champion? No, I don’t think so. David is a talker, he’s all hype. David Haye (2/9 To Win) talked himself into a title fight and all he’s got is talking. He’s notorious. He’s into mind games but I don’t play along with all the things he says. He has to do what makes him happy but he knows what’s coming.”